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Chiropractor in Pompano Beach, FL
Chiropractor in Pompano Beach, FL

In the year 2000 Dr. Michael was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which was a major shift in his ability to stay healthy, eat "normal foods", and keep up with his friends at an early age. For ten years Dr. Michael struggled severely with his health, going to every Diabetic specialist in the country, however his blood sugars remained unstable. Each Doctor gave a plethora of protocols to follow, from exercise and diet, to more or different insulin. Through all this, Dr. Michaels health continued to decline at a rapid rate.


When Dr. Michael was 18 his father, Dr. Cohen a Chiropractor himself, took him to a Chiropractor who specialized in the upper neck. The Chiropractor explained to Dr. Michael and his father how the brainstem, which is protected by the bones of the upper neck, controls the organs without us even thinking about it. Within three short months of Upper Cervical Chiropractic care Dr. Michaels blood sugar levels balanced to a stable level, and he was able to reduce the amount of insulin he was taking by 50%. From this Dr. Michael learned that Chiropractic was founded on the principles that the body is a self regulating, self healing organism when nervous system interference is removed. When done so this allows for their body to fully express its God given potential.

This has lead a passion for Dr. Michael to serve those who desperately need answers for their own health concerns, not only was his life saved by Chiropractic, but he has seen it transform thousands of lives. At Graceful Spinal Care we believe YOU are a unique being, whos health must be treated as so. We do not treat people based on averages or textbook definitions, we create individualized care. We desire to restore Hope to those who are searching to achieve a life of health, healing and happiness.

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