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Dr. Michael A. Cohen is a international Chiropractor who is native to Southern Florida. Growing up in his fathers Chiropractic office, Dr. Michael saw from an early age, what a great benefit Chiropractic care is for people who suffer from numerous conditions, and achieving optimal well being. 

Chiropractor in Pompano Beach, FL

Dr. Michael Graduated in 2015 from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Biological Sciences, that led him to the prestigious Sherman College of Chiropractic, graduate of 2018. During his time at Sherman, Dr. Michaels achievements include; The Deans List, DE Warrior & John Yglesias Scholarship recipient. Dr. Michael firmly believes that each patient in front of him is a unique individual and not a textbook. To best serve each individual he wanted to learn as many avenues to best assisting his patients in reaching their optimal wellness. Dr. Michael has received a plethora of Chiropractic technique certifications. He then spent the beginning years of his career, working hand and hand with the creator/founder of the Tonal Integrative Chiropractic Systems (T.I.C.), Dr. Jason Sabo in Edmonton Alberta, one of the busiest clinics in North America.

Dr. Michael is currently the only Chiropractor practicing this technique in Florida while being certified 6 times over. Dr. Michael has spent thousands of hours working at one of the busiest clinics in the world to be able to come back to South Florida to help this community break barriers while achieving optimal Mental, Emotional and Physical well being.

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