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Chiropractor in Pompano Beach, FL
Chiropractor in Pompano Beach, FL

About Graceful Spinal Care

Graceful Spinal Care is a home away from home, we are a family operated clinic and when you seek care with us, we treat you like family too, you become a Practice Member. Our Team at Graceful Spinal Care desires to see you living a fulfilled life, free of interference, one Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment at a time. At Graceful Spinal Care we desire to assist you in living a happy healthy life, we believe when we make a difference in your life, you will make a difference in your communities lives, and when your community makes a difference we can positively impact the world, one changed life at a time.

What We Offer

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Chiropractor in Pompano Beach, FL


My experience with Dr. Michael has been incredible. I’m a type 1 Diabetic and have a job that requires for me to be on my feet around 10 hours a day. When I started with Dr. Michael I felt foggy, tired all the time, pain in my joints, not sleeping good. I felt like I had rocks on my shoulder all day. Other than that my blood sugar was out of control. Once I started my sessions in Graceful Spinal Care I felt the difference. The first day I went home feeling like someone took a big weight from me. I felt light, free and I slept very good. I had a problem in my wrist for months. He fixed it and I didn’t need medicines, x-rays, etc., just his gentle approach. He cares about his patients and cares a lot of information that helps the complete process of healing. Something else that I’m grateful with Dr. Michael is how he helped me to get free of vertigo that was affecting me for months. It was incredible how he did it without medicines. Last thing… My blood sugar is controlled. I never thought that Chiropractic care would be so helpful in assisting my body heal and leading to my diabetes being under control. Thanks Dr. Michael!


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